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Counseling – and
consultant company

Oso Consulting AS is a counseling – and consultant company within HR, recruitment, leadership evaluation, and restructuring processes.

Our work is based on solid business knowledge and understanding. We are truly engaged to our customers’ challenges due to management and development of their company’s human capital. We are always committed to deliver high quality services.

We have an overall view on the company’s business and we know by experience that good HR strategy will have a positive impact on the company’s reputation, brand building, and economic results.

Therefore, we offer services covering most aspects of the value chain that constitute the human capital.

We believe human resources are the main key to further development of any business. Therefore, we wish to contribute to diversity in different teams, management groups, and boards.

Why the name Oso?

Oso means bear (or brown bear) in Spanish. Oso Consulting represents many of the same natural values as the bear; solid, honest, strong, energetic, and with great adaptability and implementation capacity. Those elements are important in the nature as much as it is in the human capitals value chain.

Oso Consulting AS

c/o Delbæk
Hoffsveien 90
0377 OSLO, Norway

Phone: +47 928 43 851



Our vision is to be part of and develop Norwegian businesses and companies.
We can help you finding and develop the right human resources, participate in organizational design, restructuring, renewal, and development. All above will add value and create powerful and profitable businesses. Summarized, we have a great ambition; as a company and towards our customers.


Oso Consulting AS
Phone: +47 928 43 851


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